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In the many years Perfect Siding and Windows, Inc. has existed, we’ve installed siding on quite a few houses. Invariably, the houses look better. That’s the part about siding everyone knows, everyone agrees on: new siding always looks better than old siding.

But nobody is looking for new siding that looks better than the old one the day it was installed.

I mean, yes, everyone who ever gets new siding installed wants that. But everyone who ever gets new siding also wants the new siding to keep looking good for years and year and to not need repairs.

And here’s where we come in. We’re Chicago siding contractors who install siding well. We’re so sure of the results, we have an 8 year warranty on labor. And, to make sure you are happy, we use materials that come with great warranties.

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And you’ll benefit, whether you hire us to install your new siding or not.

We’ve been at it a long time and we’re specialists. All we do is install siding, replace windows, fascia, gutters. That focus on a few things enables us to do them well. Really well.

So, come talk to us. Call us at Chicago Siding Contractors Phone Number, request a free estimate. We’ll bring a $5 FREE Starbucks gift card when we come out. So, worst case scenario, you end up with a good cup of Java, an accurate estimate and a better understanding of what you need to do to get your home to look the way you want.

Best case scenario?

Like so many before, you end up with kick-ass siding installed the right way and, give our warranty, no worries.

Our Warranty Again

If we broke it, we fix it for free.

Your new siding is just a phone call away. Call Chicago Siding Contractor Phone Number for a Free estimate. And, don’t forget about the $5 Free Starbucks gift certificate you get just for letting us give you that Free estimate.

We understand getting new siding is an important decision. So, our Free estimate comes with no obligation. You get the Free estimate, you get the $5 Free Starbucks gift card, you get to pick our brains and none of that obligates you in any way to do anything.

So, call us now: Siding Contractors Phone Number. We are expert Chicago siding contractors.