Casement Replacement Windows

Thoughts on Casement Replacement Windows

Casement replacement windows are windows on hinges that open towards the outside by rotating a handle.  They’re just one pane, so they’re good from the point of view and light quantity.

Casement windows, one of the popular window styles in the Chicago-Evanston areaBut the handles are annoying if you have window blinds.  But less annoying that double hung windows above the kitchen sink.

Generally speaking, if you’re thinking about replacing any windows with casement ones, you need to consider the quality of materials used, construction, ease of use and, of course, the U-factor (the lower, the better).

Quality of materials means steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood clad, wood, fiberglass.  Metal window frames are not good insulators.  The others insulate well, especially wood.  Wood can rot (if painting / staining fails), vinyl expands and contracts, fiberglass is awesome but expensive.

Where the windows go is an important factor from the point of view of materials used: steel or aluminum are quite fine in an unheated garage or shed.  The other kind are overkill for garages and shed but great for many rooms of a house.

Glass construction means single or double panes.  Double pane casement windows are much better at keeping the heat inside the house in winter, the air-conditioned cool inside in summer.  (Again, low U-factor is best as it makes windows better at keeping temperatures inside constant.)

Ease of use depends on the user, not only the window.  I don’t like casement windows.  I find them hard to operate.  Even brand new ones where the handle moves smoothly.  But that’s because I have some and they’re all behind blinds.  I have to slightly open the blinds to locate the handle – and be careful least I damage the slats.

But that’s just me. (On the other hand, I like the way they look, as opposed to double hung windows… or any other kind of window that has sashes and / or bars interfering with my view.  Even though my view isn’t that great!)

If you plan on installing them yourself, you have to take into account how easy it is to install them.  Usually, vinyl casement windows are easier to install than wood or metal ones because they’re not as rigid.

Plus vinyl has the same color inside as on the outside, so if you chip your vinyl frames, they won’t look as bad as chipped wood windows.

If you are looking into casement replacement windows, give me a call at 847-250-9266847-250-9266 : you’ll be ahead even if you don’t hire me to do the job.  Call if you’re in Chicago, Evanston, Skokie, Des Plaines, Glenview… all the way to Highland Park to the north and Elgin to the west.  In other words, call if you’re in North Cook County or South Lake County.