Wheaton Windows, Warranties and Vinyl

Wheaton Windows, Warranties and Vinyl

Wheaton Windows And The Answer To Two Good Window Questions

We have an appointment to give a free estimate for replacing 13 windows in a Wheaton home. The owner has vinyl windows and wants to replace them with vinyl windows. And I think it’s a dandy idea.

How could I? you ask, seeing that I’ve written about how vinyl windows can fail in 5 years and that lifetime warranties on replacement windows not being as good as they seem at first blush.

I have good reasons and, when you’re done reading this article you’ll think so too.

My Answer to Why Vinyl Wheaton Windows Is a Dandy Idea

As regards lifetime warranties, they’re the best available even when lifetime doesn’t mean lifetime but 10 years. I’m sure you’ll agree that no warranty is worse than lifetime warranty that’s really good for 10 years. I’m also sure that you’ll agree that a lifetime warranty that lasts 10 years is better than a warranty that’s good for 1 or 2 years.

As regards vinyl replacement windows failing in as little as 5 years, poorly built ones can. Especially if they’re poorly installed on top of being poorly made. Which means that not all vinyl windows can fail in that short of a time. As a matter of fact, some can last as long as 20 years.

All you have to do to get your vinyl-framed windows last that long is to choose good quality (price or brand name are not always a good indicator, but I will steer you in the right direction), have them be properly installed and protect them from too much direct sun light.

On top of that, I install vinyl windows because vinyl, unlike wood, can last that long without caulking every 2 years and without painting. And, of course, vinyl is less expensive than wood or fiberglass.

Well, those are my reasons for working with vinyl windows. Now, I go get ready for my Wheaton windows appointment.

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