Types of Windows – Pick the Right One for Your Home

Types of Windows – Pick the Right One for Your Home

Replacing your windows is one of the best improvements you can make to your home, do you know why? Window replacement in Aurora IL can improve a building’s appearance as well as energy performance, reducing operating costs and improving comfort. As a result, the useful life of the building is extended in an environmentally responsible manner.

Types of Windows

Wood windows – These windows have been used for centuries and remain the traditionalist’s choice because of its warmth and the natural beauty of wood. Wood windows deliver exceptional thermal performance due to their inherent insulating qualities. If you’re replacing your historic building’s window, then these windows are a good choice, as they resemble the old style.

Unfortunately, quality wood windows are the most expensive when compared to other windows. It needs special care and yearly inspections. All lumber should be treated after it is cut to ensure long lasting beauty and performance. Quality primer, finish coats and caulk should be used to make your windows strong against the elements.

Vinyl windows – Advances in design and improvements in formulation of vinyl have greatly improved the quality of the product and are a viable alternative to wood. Vinyl is not rigid and has several internal hollow chambers that provide strength, trap air, increases the energy performance and the sound deadening qualities of the window. If you’re choosing vinyl windows for your dwelling, pick the thicker one. The thicker the vinyl, the stronger and more energy efficient the window will be.

Aluminum windows – These windows were very popular when utility costs were not a concern. Nowadays, most commercial buildings use aluminum windows because of their structural strength. Aluminum windows are more durable and can insure that it will provide many years of reliable operation. As aluminum are very good conductor of heat than wood and vinyl, these can minimize heat loss and yield a larger glass vision area.

Fiber glass windows – Fiber glass windows are relatively new to the market and provide a combination of benefits. These are much stronger than vinyl and can be made with a lower profile like aluminum but with better thermal efficiency. Today, fiber glass windows have been priced above vinyl and equal to the cost of high-end wood windows.

Cellular PVC windows – Similar to fiber glass, cellular PVC windows are fairly new to the window replacement market. Cellular PVC is a solid and extruded material that has the working characteristics of wood, and is used for interior trim, exterior trim, and paneling as well as windows and doors, blinds and furniture. It avoids many potential problems of wood, such as rot, split, water absorption, peeling paint, and termites.

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