Vinyl Siding Delivers Cheap Luxury in Des Plaines, IL

Vinyl Siding Delivers Cheap Luxury in Des Plaines, IL

Siding Des Plaines IL in Vinyl?

In the first years of this century, when credit was cheap and aplenty, everyone and their mother’s cousin wanted luxury.  Which, in Des Plaines, they expressed by building 3,700 square feet houses.  Those who could afford the real luxury, used brick veneer, those who could almost afford it, used dryvit stucco and cedar siding, those who could definitely not afford luxury but wanted a new house anyway, used vinyl siding. Or aluminum.

And almost all have granite counter tops in the kitchen.  Some have vanities with granite tops.  Some have marble or granite floors. Again, depending on pocket size, some have cheap granite and some have expensive.  So, you end up with a lot of black granite tops (they’re the cheaper ones) and a few red, golden or other color granite tops.  And lots of floors that cost $3.65 a tile + installation and a few that cost $27 or $55 + installation.

Brick veneer looks awesome, but it doesn’t come in blue. And if you forget a weep hole or two, you get a ton of headaches later. Plus, it costs a lot.  Of course, it requires little maintenance, sometimes, rain is enough.  When that’s not the case, you just point a hose at it and turn on the water.

Drivit stucco looks great and all, but if it’s not properly installed it can make a $1,000,000 be worth $300,000 in a jiffy.  Actually, to $395,000.  (That’s one of the cases I saw.  A great looking house that had been bought for $1,100,000 was sold a year and a half or so later for $395,000.  Water got between the drivit and the frame of the house.)

Cedar siding looks great but needs regular maintenance..  Exterior painting every few years ads up fast to I should have gone with brick veneer. So does staining.  But you can do a lot with it, aesthetically speaking.  And it’s a renewable source, once you discard it, it won’t linger for eons, like some man-made materials.

Vinyl siding needs a wee bit of help to look as good as the previous (an eye for color, matching vinyl color and window frame color).  But vinyl siding doesn’t need maintenance.  And, if you choose light colors, the look doesn’t fade. And it doesn’t show scratches.  But it melts at high heat (like the one you get when you put your grill next to it).  And if it’s not properly installed, it warps.

Aluminum doesn’t hold paint as well as vinyl and it shows dents.  Plus, it’s not as good at insulating.  As a matter of fact, it’s bad. But it is durable.

A lot of remodeling went on during the same years.  An easy way to make a quick buck was to install vinyl siding.  Often, it was applied on top of wood siding.

The short of it, there was a lot of vinyl siding installed in Des Plaines, and some brick veneer siding, some cedar siding and a bit of drivit stucco.

Because, from the point of view of cost to install and to maintain, vinyl is clearly the superior siding material.

On the costlier side, this cheap material gets you the beauty of cedar siding, plus it’s versatile: you can get smooth vinyl siding or grained vinyl siding, etc.

And, did I say it doesn’t need to be painted or stained?  (You can, if you want to.  But you can buy it factory-painted.)

Exterior painting costs thousands.  Since vinyl siding doesn’t require painting, it saves you thousands.  Unless you plan to move within 2 or 3 years.  Than it doesn’t; exterior painting is the way to go then. Unless, of course, there’s no lead-based paint to removed or clapboards that are warped and need to be replaced.

The same happened in other places.  Except, the ratio of brick veneer siding to vinyl siding is different.  In Park Ridge, IL, a suburb just south east of Des Plaines, they have a ton more brick veneer 3,700 square foot houses.  And their 3,700 square foot houses are more like 4,500 square foot houses.  (I did no research into their numbers.  Just what I estimate, when I drive by.)And in other parts, they have more vinyl siding 3,700 square foot houses.

If you go farther away from Chicago, like to Aurora or Mokena, places where a developer could buy acres and acres of land, they built a lot of subdivisions with new(er) small (1,600 – 2,500 square feet), vinyl-sided houses and some that have large houses (3,500 square feet to over 6,000).  And a lot of those are covered with vinyl siding.  And almost all, I think, have granite counter top.  Even when they used low-end vinyl siding and cheap and cheaply-installed windows.

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