Powerful Reason Why Window Replacement in Chicago Is Worth It

Powerful Reason Why Window Replacement in Chicago Is Worth It

Study Finds That Window Replacement In Chicago Is One of the Best Remodeling Projects

There’s a magazine called Remodeling Magazine that each year bothers to figure out how much various remodeling projects cost and how much of that cost people recoup. It does averages for the country, for regions, for cities.

Turns out that in window replacement, in Chicago, is one of the best remodeling projects from the point of view of cost vs. value recouped. Specifically, when you use vinyl windows you get back a tad less than 75 cents for every dollar replacing the windows cost you. Wood replacement windows get you back a bit over 76 cent for every dollar you spend. (In both cases, we’re talking mid-range prices. For high-end, the numbers are a bit different, though window replacement still gets around 75% of the cost back in value.

How About Palatine Windows? Or Schaumburg Windows?

How about Naperville windows? How about Wheaton windows?  How about…

It seems the data for Chicago is good for the entire Chicago area. The numbers are different for other areas. That said, in all areas, wood and vinyl replacement project are among the top ones.

Beyond Window Replacement

If you look carefully at their data, you notice that remodeling the outside of your home gets you the most bang for your money. Replacing the front door is the best home improvement project from the point of view of how much of the cost gets recouped. Siding, specifically, vinyl siding brings back a bit over 70%.

There are a few other projects that get over 70% back in value. But they’re three or four times more expensive than window replacement, two or three times more expensive than replacing vinyl siding.

Most people don’t remodel in order to sell, they remodel in order to enjoy. Still, cost and value are always a consideration. Front door, windows and siding also have the benefit of making a powerful impact on the impression homeowners and their neighbors have of their home.

If you have the money for a larger project, pay attention to the job descriptions… Especially if you’re going to do additions. Whether you’re adding living space in the attic or next to your kitchen, spend a bit more and get a bigger addition.

To make my reason for pushing the extra space, let’s talk about Imaginary Neighborhood. It’s got two types of houses: small 3-bedroom ranches and large 3-bedroom ranches. Small ranches are 1,000 square feet and sell between $150,000 and $200,000; large ones are 1,600 square feet sell between $250,000 and $300,000. (Yes, in real life there would be overlap, some large ranches would sell for less than $200,000 due to condition. But that would cloud the point I’m making. So, humor me.)

If you have a 1,000 sq ft ranch and you add 200 sq ft of space, people, including possible buyers and appraisers, will compare your home to the 1,000 sq ft ranches. Yes, they’ll give you a bit more for being larger, but not all that much.

If, on the other hand, you add 300 sq ft, people (including prospect and appraisers) will compare you to the big ranches too, taking away a bit for your smaller size, but not too much.

The idea is to jump to the next level of houses, if possible. Being the smallest of the big houses gets you a lot more value back than being the biggest of the small houses.

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If you’re considering any remodeling at all, consider replacing your windows, impartial people agree with me: it’s a good idea. If you want a free estimate (you should get several), feel free to call 847-250-9266.

To look at the data for yourself, visit Remodel Magazine.

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