Guidelines for Choosing the Right Material for Your Window Frames

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Material for Your Window Frames

All of us know that the window frame is the most important part of a window, selecting a window frame for replacement (as well as for fresh window installation in Chicago) depends upon a lot of factors such as strength, external environment, energy efficiency, cost and so on.

So, read this article which might provide guidance for picking a suitable window frame to be installed or replaced.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames have been used in windows for a very long time. People love wood because of its natural beauty. Also, wood is energy-efficient (natural higher thermal resistance). But we know that wood can shrink, rot, and warp. Therefore, wood might not be a unanimous choice.

All-Aluminum Frames

Aluminum metallic frames are stronger but aluminium’s lower thermal resistance considerably reduces the energy efficiency as heat or cold maintained in the room can easily slip through metals with low thermal resistance.

All-Vinyl hollow frames

These are available in different colors and shapes. Vinyl frames are more energy-efficient than aluminum ones and, like aluminum ones, require little maintenance. Also they can be purchased at a competitive price. The strength of vinyl frames may not be as good as wood or metal but it can be stiffened to a certain extent by rigid extruded reinforced rails.

Fiberglass frames

Fiberglass is a new material in the world of windows. Fiberglass windows are strong but installation requires screws, which might lead to weak joints in the movable sashes. Fiberglass windows are expensive so purchasing them should be preceded by careful consideration.

Completely reinforced vinyl window frames

Nowadays, most people prefer completely reinforced vinyl materials over all the above mentioned materials because reinforced vinyl is strong and durable and energy-efficient without being too costly.

Since there are many window manufacturers, many window materials, and same-material, same-size windows can vary in price quite a lot, take your time choosing. And, of course, choose the right company in Chicago for window replacement or installation as that will give your windows a longer life.

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